Women in Data Science

We are Women in Data. We are Data-Birds.

Data-Birds is a space founded with the sole aim of amplifying women’s voices in data. Follow along as we get a data-birds-eye-view of the women infiltrating the industry of the future.


Data-Bird of the Month

We find the best women in data science and feature them as our data-bird of the month. Find interviews with our data-birds and be inspired by the impact they’re having on our industry. If you know a data-bird, nominate them to be featured here!

Blogs by the Founders

Keep up to date with founders Amanda and Leana as they share blog posts every month about hot topics in data.

About the Founding Data-Birds

Amanda is the co-founder of data-birds.com

A life-long Chicagoan and graduate of Northwestern University, Amanda currently resides in the South Loop neighborhood with her family. 

Amanda is passionate about data-driven solutions to real world problems, and has a background in politics and healthcare. Amanda spends her free time reading, biking along the lake, traveling, and spoiling her two hound dogs.

― Amanda Potter, Chicago

Leana is the co-founder of data-birds.com.

She’s an Aussie jazz pianist turned data scientist now living in Seattle. Leana is passionate about building community and sharing ideas that she’s passionate about. With a background in music, mathematics and education, Leana strives to bring creativity to data-driven analysis and educate business about the potential their data has.

Leana loves snowboarding, eating stunning food and hanging out with the hubby and the cat.

― Leana Critchell, Seattle

Nominate a Data-Bird

Nominate a Data-Bird

We are constantly looking for Data-Birds to feature each month. Nominate a women killing it in data – maybe it’s you?!