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Let’s Talk about SQL

According to an IADSS article* SQL is the second most common skill listed in data science job postings – only python is more common. This makes SQL a core skill for any data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer. So what is SQL and why is it so important to data scientists?

Vibing Out TensorFlow

We all know that there is a huge demand for qualified data scientists in the industry. So how are we exposing the world of data science to students?


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About Me

Leana is the co-founder of

She’s an Aussie jazz pianist turned data scientist now living in Seattle. Leana is passionate about building community and sharing ideas that she’s passionate about. With a background in music, mathematics and education, Leana strives to bring creativity to data-driven analysis and educate business about the potential their data has.

Leana loves snowboarding, eating stunning food and hanging out with the hubby and the cat.

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